Corporate governance

Shareholder rights

The Russian legislation guarantees that any common stock gives equal rights to any shareholder.

Therefore, our shareholders are entitled to:

  1. Participate in a General Meeting of Stockholders (in person or by proxy) with voting power on all respective matters.
  2. Introduce own proposals to the agenda of a General Meeting of Stockholders in a manner set forth by the Russian legislation and Company's Charter.
  3. Obtain information on the Company and get familiarized with Company’s documents in line with Article 91 of the Federal Joint-Stock Companies' Law, other regulatory enactments and Charter.
  4. Collect dividends announced by the Company.
  5. Preemptive acquisition of additional shares and convertible securities, placed by subscription, pro rata to the ownership in cases stipulated by the Russian legislation.
  6. Obtain property of the Company in case of its liquidation.
  7. Enjoy other rights guaranteed by the Russian legislation and Charter.

A stockholder or a group of stockholders with at least 2% of the voting stock are entitled to introduce issues to the agenda of a General Meeting of Stockholders and promote nominees for election to the Board of Directors and Board of Internal Auditors of the Company. A stockholder or a group of stockholders with at least 10% of the voting stock are entitled to initiate an extraordinary General Meeting of Stockholders of the Company.

The rights of IDGC of Urals’ stockholders are guaranteed by the following:

  1. The Company publicly discloses:
    • the General Meeting of Stockholders notice and materials on agenda items within 30 days prior to the General Meeting;
    • recommendations provided by the Board of Directors regarding items of the General Meeting agenda by press releases, corporate actions/events and minutes of the Board of Directors’ meetings;
    • date when entities, entitled to participate in the General Meeting of Stockholders, are defined within 7 days prior to the register date;
    • minutes of the meetings of stockholders on the corporate web-site.
  2. The Company’s stockholders may submit proposals to be included into the agenda of the annual general meeting of stockholders within 60 days after the end of the calendar year.
  3. Registration of entities, entitled to participate in the general meeting of stockholders, is disclosed in details in the Regulations on the General Meeting of Stockholders.
  4. The Company’s registrar performs the functions of the Counting Commission during the general meeting of stockholders. Since December 2010 the Company’s registrar is STATUS (АО) (official web-site:
  5. Voting results at the general meeting of stockholders are announced prior to the conclusion of the meeting to be disclosed in line with legal requirements.
  6. The Company has the Dividend Policy stipulating primary principles of dividend payments, mechanics of dividend decision-taking, procedure, deadlines and form of dividend payments. The relevant Policy is disclosed on the official web-site of the Company1.
  7. The decision to pay dividend allows stockholders to receive full details regarding dividend amount, payment procedure and deadlines.
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1About company
1.1Mission and strategic goals
1.2Market share
1.3Key 2016 events
2Board of directors’ progress report
2.1Letter to stockholders
2.2Production capital formation
2.2.1Network exploitation
2.2.2Electricity transmission
2.2.3Technological connection
2.2.4Development of telecommunications and IT systems
2.2.7Efficacy enhancement
2.3Financial capital formation
2.3.1Analysis of revenues and expenses
2.3.2Analysis of financial standing
2.3.3Analysis of receivables and payables
2.3.4Analysis of credit portfolio
2.3.5Description of tariff policy
3Corporate governance
3.1Corporate governance practices
3.2Corporate governance system
3.2.1General meeting of stockholders
3.2.2Board of Directors
3.2.3Board of directors’ committees
3.2.4General director and executive board
3.2.5Remuneration and compensation policy
3.3Oversight system
3.3.1Board of internal auditors
3.3.2Independent auditor
3.3.3Internal control
3.3.4Risk management
3.3.5Security and anti-corruption
3.4Investor and stockholder relations
3.4.1Shareholder capital structure
3.4.2 Shareholder rights
3.4.3The company and stock market
3.4.4Communications with market participants
3.4.6Allocation of profit
4.1Human resources management
4.2Customer support
4.3Supplier relationship management
4.4Public and goverment relations
4.5Environment protection
5.1Prepared under Russian accounting standards
5.2Prepared under international financial reporting standards
5.3Related-party transaction report
5.4Corporate governance code compliance report
5.6Abbreviations and acronyms