Corporate governance

Security and anti-corruption

During the reported period we have adopted no additional bylaws to enforce federal anti-corruption laws. Our anti-corruption activities were based on the Federal Anti-corruption Law (92) and Anti-corruption Policy of Rosseti and Rosseti’s SACs (93). In 2016 we scrutinized 9 whistle-blowing reports from customers but no substantiation of the reported facts was discovered. Audits of financial and economic operations revealed 30 cases of abuse, improper execution of duties and other misconduct of the employees during 2016. As a result, 47 employees were brought to disciplinary responsibility, 3 employees were dismissed and bonuses for 7 employees were deducted. We handed over 7 cases to law enforcements, with initiation of criminal investigation being waived for 6 cases and charges being dismissed for 1 case.

During the reported period we also arranged measures to reveal and settle conflicts of interests. We have processed 1,906 declarations completed by the employees. We have discovered and settled 2 preconflict situations, examined by the Company’s panel, liable for compliance with corporate ethics norms and settlement of conflicts of interest. We have also examined 16 job resumes for positions, subject to the Settlement of Conflicts of Interest Standard (PL MRSK-GAKP-03-2015). To enforce anti-corruption activities in business relations with partners and contractors we have checked 1,999 expenditure contracts for disclosure of the chain of ownership. There were no negative opinions regarding revealed conflicts of interests. On the whole, during 2016 we filed 175 statements regarding economic damages incurred by the Company with the law enforcements, with initiation of criminal investigation for 117 cases. 565 administrative procedures related to unrecorded energy consumption were initiated, with 390 residents being held administratively liable.

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1About company
1.1Mission and strategic goals
1.2Market share
1.3Key 2016 events
2Board of directors’ progress report
2.1Letter to stockholders
2.2Production capital formation
2.2.1Network exploitation
2.2.2Electricity transmission
2.2.3Technological connection
2.2.4Development of telecommunications and IT systems
2.2.7Efficacy enhancement
2.3Financial capital formation
2.3.1Analysis of revenues and expenses
2.3.2Analysis of financial standing
2.3.3Analysis of receivables and payables
2.3.4Analysis of credit portfolio
2.3.5Description of tariff policy
3Corporate governance
3.1Corporate governance practices
3.2Corporate governance system
3.2.1General meeting of stockholders
3.2.2Board of Directors
3.2.3Board of directors’ committees
3.2.4General director and executive board
3.2.5Remuneration and compensation policy
3.3Oversight system
3.3.1Board of internal auditors
3.3.2Independent auditor
3.3.3Internal control
3.3.4Risk management
3.3.5Security and anti-corruption
3.4Investor and stockholder relations
3.4.1Shareholder capital structure
3.4.2 Shareholder rights
3.4.3The company and stock market
3.4.4Communications with market participants
3.4.6Allocation of profit
4.1Human resources management
4.2Customer support
4.3Supplier relationship management
4.4Public and goverment relations
4.5Environment protection
5.1Prepared under Russian accounting standards
5.2Prepared under international financial reporting standards
5.3Related-party transaction report
5.4Corporate governance code compliance report
5.6Abbreviations and acronyms