Public and goverment relations

The Company pays a special attention to promotion of its business reputation as a primary component of Company’s strategic management. It consistently implements its information policy in line with the Rosseti’s long-term communications strategy and common principles of single communication policy. Primary PR-related objectives, achieved by the Company, as before, were to secure informational transparency, to provide stockholders and general public with trustworthy and timely information on Company’s performance, changes and development prospects. Special attention was also given to protection of Company’s interests in public space. The Company’s information policy still rests on principles of efficient response, trustworthiness, fullness, accessibility, timeliness and thoroughness. Important aspects of Company’s management performance are initiation and maintenance of efficient communications with business, professional, expert and scientific communities; state or municipal authorities, public organizations, veteran and youth movements as well as Company’s employees.

Key directions here are interaction with mass media to form a positive business reputation of the Company, enhancement of information influence of the Company and promotion of its interest in external environment. In 2016 mass media published over 8.3 thousand articles on the Company and its operations. Positive and neutral mentions exceeded 99%. The Company fully controls its image, since the portion of releases, initiated by the PR department, is rather high, while the portion of negative releases is low.

IDGC of Urals (OAO ) is a regional leader in terms of media activity among energy sector companies. Besides, rating communications agencies state that during 2016 the Company was regularly at the top of the federal MediaIndex rating among all energy sector companies. This bears evidence of media community’s interest in our news content.

Major topics of releases issued by mass media about the Company in 2016 were :

  • execution of investment and repair programs,
  • operations during severe weather conditions,
  • as well as restoration of energy supply after incidents.

A high portion of releases describes Company’s efforts to increase accessibility of network infrastructure for consumers and how it solves receivables and unrecorded consumption problems.

To enforce the Uniform Communications Policy of the Rosseti’s family, the Company is a very active user of social networks and active participant of the blogosphere: it regularly updates its accounts in the popular web-sites. A special attention is paid to public relations through social networks and blogosphere during restoration of energy supply after incidents caused by natural disasters.

The Company’s accounts in social medias are used to :

  • inform the target audiences of prevention of electrocution injuries,
  • non-contracted and unrecorded consumption of electricity,
  • technological connection to networks and to promote the prestige of the profession.

Exhibition activities are also one of the most important aspects of brand communication development and positioning of the Company as a leading grid company in its service area as well as forming and maintaining the unified Rosseti image.

During the reported period the Company participated in the 2016 INNOPROM global industrial forum to present an exposition demonstrating up-to-date technical equipment of the Company.

Visitors have got acquainted with innovative trends of the sector and present-day technical equipment helping the Company provide reliable and non-stop electricity supply of residents and industrial consumers of the Urals and Kama regions. It is worth remarking that the technical zone copied real working conditions with maximum precision. The stand presented special Russian-made vehicles and machinery, used by the personnel in their operations and brought to the stand from the workplace. Total weight of the exposition exceeded 15 tons. The exposition philosophy of the Company’s stand has demonstrated to thousands of visitors a hard work of the personnel standing behind every kW of transmitted energy. Another part of the exposition showed a variety of electric vehicles and Russian-made charging stations.

In 2016 the Company also presented its projects in the Kama region at “Energy.Energy-saving-2016” interregional exhibition. The exhibition, conducted in Perm, is one of the largest specialized projects in the Urals and Volga regions. Company’s experts took an active part in drafting business program of the energy forum. In particular, during “Update of Utilities Infrastructure” round table Company’s specialists presented their report titled “Use of energy service projects in update of utilities networks”.

The Company develops existing and creates new tools of intra-corporate communications. The corporate web-site is at the top 10 of web-resources covering energy-saving by the Yandex citation index. We traditionally prepared 12 issues of monthly corporate newspaper for employees (addition to the federal Rosseti’s newspaper), one of important tools for non-financial stimulation and informing on Company’s performance. Articles mainly covered labor-improving activities, acquisition of new vehicles, machinery and equipment, labor safety, activities of the veteran and young specialist councils. During 2016 we issued two special issues of the corporate newspaper covering prevention of production injuries and implementation of client-oriented customer policy.

The Company also took considerable efforts to retain our historic heritage. Adhering to the principle of transparency in relations with key consumers, the Company kept on promoting the Historical Museum of the Urals Energy Sector: we joined Museum Night project, conducted in Ekaterinburg in May 2016. During the event over 1,000 visitors came to the museum, 4 times greater than in previous year. The Company also took an active part in All-Russia “BrighterTogether” Energy-Saving Festival. Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Housing Reforms Promotion Fund and Energy Globe award were among initiators of the federal event.

The festival opened with an energy-saving event conducted by the Historical Museum of the Urals Energy Sector. Students from Yekaterinburg schools have visited the event. The children attended the lecture dwelling on the history of the regional energy sector and interesting facts on energy saving. The focus of the event was to open creative energy-saving laboratory. Each participant could join workshop session on coloring and decoration of lamps to create own masterpiece full of positive emotions. Young craftsmen noted that one should use energy-saving lamps, leaving old-school lamps for crafts. The event ended in the BrighterTogether installation when youngsters drew pictures on energy saving on the large letters. During the festival Perm National Research Polytechnic University reopened a laboratory refurbished in collaboration with IDGC of Urals (OAO). The Ministry of Energy awarded the Company, represented by the Permenergo branch, with a certificate for substantial contribution to All-Russia “BrighterTogether” Energy-Saving Festival.

IDGC of Urals (OAO) has also participated in RUGRIDS-ELECTRO Global Forum presenting its innovative solution that has won Energoproryv-2016 contest. The Company’s project “Portable X-ray Control and Diagnostics”, produced in partnership with “Positive Energy” (producer of portable RADIX X-ray device, a one-of-a-kind Russia-made diagnostic device), was announced the winner of “Progress Technologies” Section.

Therefore, the Company continues to form communication environment, benevolent for business development, with the help of various tools and channels to promote its interests in external environment.

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