Abbreviations and acronyms

ADMS Automated dispatcher management system
AGM Annual General Meeting of Stockholders
AH Average headcount
AMS Automated management system
АО Joint-Stock Company
APMS Automated process management system
ARRMS Automated recovery resource management system
АSTM Automated system of technological management
bn Billion
BO Exchange-traded bonds
BoD Board of Directors
CFR Corporate family rating
CHPP Combined Heat and Power Plant
CIW Construction and installation works
CPB Central Procurement Body
CSC Customer Service Center
c.u. Conventional unit
DS Distribution substation
D&CD Design and construction documents
D&SW Design and survey works
DZ Distribution zone
EESK Yekaterinburg Electric Grid Company
ESC Energy sales company
ECDS Energy complex development schemes
Est. Established
Feb. February
FEC Fuel and energy complex
FOCL Fiber optic cable line
FSK UES Public Joint-Stock Company Federal Grid Company of United Energy System
FTS Federal Tariff Service
FY Financial year
Gcal Gigacalorie – thermal power measurement unit
GD General Director
GIS Geographical Information System
GK RF Russian Civil Code
GRR Gross revenue requirement
HIC Health Index Calculation
HV High voltage
Hz Hertz – frequency measurement unit
ICTS Information Collection and Transfer System
ICS Internal control system
IDGC Interregional Distributive Grid Company
IDGC of Urals Open Joint-Stock Company Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Urals
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
Incl. Including
IP Investment program
ISO International standard organization
IT Information technologies
Km Kilometer
KPI Key performance indicator
kV Kilovolt
kW Kilowatt
kWh Kilowatt-hour
LUT Load utilization time
LV Low voltage
MICEX Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange
MM Mass media
MMTR Minimal monthly tariff rate
Mln Million
MSU Moscow State University
m.u. Measurement unit
MV Medium voltage
MVA Megavolt ampere
MW Megawatt
MWh Megawatt-hour
NMC Network Management Center
OAO Противоаварийная защита автоматика
ПАО Open Joint-Stock Company
ПДВ Предельно-допустимые выбросы
Opex Operating expenses
ООО Limited Liability Company
PAMS Production Asset Management System
PAO Public Joint-Stock Company
PCW Pre-commissioning works
PD Production department
PDRMS Prospective Development of Retail Metering Systems
PHIS Private health insurance scheme
PoLR Provider of last resort
PRA Protective relay automation
PS Substation
RAS Russian Accounting Standards
R&D Research and Development
R&D Board Research and Development Board
Ref Reference
REC Regional Energy Commission
RF Russian Federation
RGO Regional grid operators
RMS Risk Management System
RMES Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations
ROE Return on equity
ROIC Return on invested capital
ROTA Return on total assets
RPS Reserve power supplies
RUB Ruble
SAC Subsidiaries and associates
SB Salary budget
SE Stock exchange
SPZ Sanitary protection zone
SSIW Self-supporting insulated wire
Tfoe Tons of fuel oil equivalent
TS Transformer substation
TWD Technical working design
UNES United National Energy System
US FRS US Federal Reserve System
UQoSS Unified Quality of Service Standards
VAT Value-added tax
VC Video conference communications
VL Aerial power line
WEM Wholesale energy market
YoY Year-on-Year
ZAO Closed Joint-Stock Company
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1About company
1.1Mission and strategic goals
1.2Market share
1.3Key 2016 events
2Board of directors’ progress report
2.1Letter to stockholders
2.2Production capital formation
2.2.1Network exploitation
2.2.2Electricity transmission
2.2.3Technological connection
2.2.4Development of telecommunications and IT systems
2.2.7Efficacy enhancement
2.3Financial capital formation
2.3.1Analysis of revenues and expenses
2.3.2Analysis of financial standing
2.3.3Analysis of receivables and payables
2.3.4Analysis of credit portfolio
2.3.5Description of tariff policy
3Corporate governance
3.1Corporate governance practices
3.2Corporate governance system
3.2.1General meeting of stockholders
3.2.2Board of Directors
3.2.3Board of directors’ committees
3.2.4General director and executive board
3.2.5Remuneration and compensation policy
3.3Oversight system
3.3.1Board of internal auditors
3.3.2Independent auditor
3.3.3Internal control
3.3.4Risk management
3.3.5Security and anti-corruption
3.4Investor and stockholder relations
3.4.1Shareholder capital structure
3.4.2 Shareholder rights
3.4.3The company and stock market
3.4.4Communications with market participants
3.4.6Allocation of profit
4.1Human resources management
4.2Customer support
4.3Supplier relationship management
4.4Public and goverment relations
4.5Environment protection
5.1Prepared under Russian accounting standards
5.2Prepared under international financial reporting standards
5.3Related-party transaction report
5.4Corporate governance code compliance report
5.6Abbreviations and acronyms